About Us

JFB Off Road has helped people customize and restore 1st generation Broncos since 2008. We’ve built Broncos for the off road and show room floor. Our new venture in Jeep customization has brought us to the best built Jeep equipment of Black Mountain Jeep. We are now opening the doors to the world that is ever changing, JEEPS! Do you have an old Jeep? Did you just pick yours up from the dealer? JFB Off Road and Black Mountain have the parts to make it your own. Don't drive basic!

The ever-growing love for Jeeps has moved in our Bronco loving hearts. The masses have spoken and JFB Off Road is listening. But, it couldn’t be just any Jeep brand. We went to the best. As seen on Gas Monkey Garage, Black Mountain brand is like no other. From the man himself, Dennis Collins, designed and developed his brain child that is Black Mountain Jeep. Let us take your Jeep from the everyday to legendary status. JFB Off Road's 5000 square foot shop and paint booth makes JFB Off Road stand out from the competition. Our technicians can take your plain Jeep to the next level with Black Mountains’ easy to follow stage packages. JFB Off Road is in the design of making our very own Black Mountain/JFB Off Road edition Jeep. The thought behind this is to "elevate your Jeep to new heights" and let everyone know it’s a JFB Jeep. Don't be basic!

Broncos have been the first love of JFB Off Road. We love nothing more to take the top down and cruise with the roar of the tires in the open air. JFB Off Road has relationships with only the best manufacturing restoration companies that fabricate your parts from scratch. We’ve built Broncos for the showroom floor for SEMA in 2013 and some that are everyday drivers.  All parts can be painted in-house to your color and specification. Who wouldn’t want to own their own piece of history and be the envy of the neighborhood. Let JFB Off Road help you obtain just that. BE legendary!

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